Production Rates & Labor

Labor: Production

  • System Operator: operates the axpanel computer management system and ensures the panel position before printing.  Assists the panel preparer with panel loading if loading is manual (loading can be automated).
  • Panel Preparer: removes protective folio from the panel, inspects panel for defects, loads panel onto the preparation table (loading can be automated)

Labor: Panel Logistics 

  • Inbound panels: workers deliver and position panels into the panel preparation room
  • Outbound panels: workers receive finished panels from the drying room
  • Number of workers depends on customer's logistics system

No Affect on Production Rates

  • Number of colors, designs or ink coverage
  • Changes in design from one panel to the next
  • Panel heights: 100 – 610 mm
  • Panel styles: cassette, ribbed, flat …
  • Panel surfaces: woodgrain, stucco, smooth …

Production Rates Notes

  • Printing is the slowest step in the production process, except for panel drying
  • Production rates can be increased by printing longer panels and then cut into 2 – 4 panels.  For example, print a 10.200 mm panel and cut into 4 x 2.550 mm panels after they are dry. Each 2.550 mm section of the 10.200 mm panel would have its own design.


axpanel Production Rates by System

Panel Length: 4.000 mm

axpanel Production Systems

Low Volume

Medium Volume

High Volume

Number of printhead carriages

panel face and
bottom edge

one for panel face
+ one for bottom edge

Three or Four:
two for the panel face
and /or bottom edge

Printhead type



Advanced "E" series

Time per panel

240 sec

90 sec

45 sec

Number of panels

per hour

15 pcs

40 pcs

80 pcs

per 8-hour shift

120 pcs

320 pcs

640 pcs

Linear meters

per hour

60 lm

160 lm

320 lm

per 8-hour shift

480 lm

1.280 lm

2.560 lm

Square meters:
500 mm panels

per hour

30 m2

80 m2

160 m2

per 8-hour shift

240 m2

640 m2

1.280 m2

Square meters:
610 mm panels

per hour

36 m2

97 m2

195 m2

per 8-hour shift

288 m2

776 m2

1.560 m2

Print up to


linear meters per shift

More than


design possibilities

Up to


reduction in wood designs inventory

Printing cost from


per linear meter

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