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Panel Styles Suitable for Digital Printing

The axpanel system prints in photo quality on most door panel styles with UV inkjet technology. The depth of a panel design should be ≤ 6 mm for the best printing results.

Some cassette and U-rib styles and ribbed styles may be > 6 mm deep and not print well. 

We have a solution to replace physical styles with virtual styles.

Virtual cassettes can be printed on flat panels with 3D effects! See Designs – Virtual Cassettes for more information.


Cassette style V-rib styleU-rib styleFlat StyleMicro- & U-rib styleMicro-rib style


Surfaces Suitable for Digital Printing

The axpanel system prints on all typical panel surfaces:

Woodgrain newStucco newSmoothMicro-rib 2

Joints & Printing 

Correct printing of the male joint and bottom edge is a unique feature of the axpanel system. Our Z-axis system results in no white space between panels.

Finger-protection joints print well. Most traditional joints also print well. Note, that some joint types with sharp corners, like shiplap and traditional, may not print well.

Part of the male joint is printed. The bottom edge is printed completely around the
edge. The result is that no white space is visible, even when the door is opening and closing.

Finger-protection jointFinger-protection jointTraditional jointMale joint partially printedBottom edge completely printedNo white space between panels

Colors & Motifs

UV inkjet technology ensures resistance to fading caused by sunshine.

Most designs, including all wood designs, are printed on white panels. Most designs require a percentage of white color. Standard white panels provide the background white color needed.

Examples of ink coverage:

  • Darker designs use more ink (higher ink coverage %)
  • Lighter designs use more white panel background (higher white %)
  • Wood designs: 40 – 95% ink coverage
  • Other designs: 10 – 95% ink coverage 

KDC cassette woodgrain long

Quarry Stones 30%Steel Diamond Plate 35%Natural Oak 40%Hexagons 40%Ivy Leaves 50%Golden Oak 60%Manio 70%Camouflage 70%Stone Wall 70%Steel Angle 75%Mahogany 90%Corten 85%


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linear meters per shift

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