• Increase Sales, Profit & Market Share with unique design.

    Win additional garage door customers.

  • Reduce panel and steel coils inventory

    Modern digital printing replaces 20th century manufacturing

  • Special panels not required
    Use your standaard white panels

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  • 100.000 design possibilities
    Offer unique doors to your customers

  • Why is this technology the future for garage doors?
    Learn more about digital inkjet printing for garage door panels

  • Lacquer application provides extra protection

    Lacquer provides superior protection against corrosion, fading and scratches

  • Increase sales and profits with custom doors

    Make custom one-off door designs

  • Which solutions do we offer?
    Digital inkjet solutions for many types of industries

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Digital UV Inkjet Printing Technology for Garage Doors

Seven reasons why the axpanel printing system is the future for the garage door industry. 


axpanel - the first proven system for digital inkjet printing on sectional door panels

The axpanel system is the only proven solution for printing sectional door panels without unprinted white spaces at panel joints.

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More than 100.000 design possibilites

The axpanel system prints in photo quality almost any type of design, graphics art, scan, photograph, 3D effect or custom design for individual doors.

Optical resolution up to 720 dpi.

There are 16.000.000 possible colors with 4-color CMYK ink.

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Digital inkjet printing with no white space between panels

Z-axis technology prints around the bottom edge of the panel, unlike flatbed printing. Panels are rotated on the Z-axis for bottom edge printing. Part of the male joint is printed.

The result is no unprinted white space at panel joints for a perfect appearance — including when the door is opening and closing.

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  • No white space between panels
  • Male joint partially printed
  • Bottom edge completely printed

Reduce inventory with digital printing 

Replace expensive inventory with standard white panels, ink, lacquer and graphic design files.

Door assemblers:
Replace many combinations of wood design panels with only your standard white panel inventory + digital inkjet printing.

Panel and door manufacturers:
Print wood designs with no minimum quantity, after panel manufacturing, on standard white panels.

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Increase sales & profits with exclusive garage
door designs

There is no extra production cost for exclusive designs

Create new panel styles and designs with digital inkjet printing for increased sales and profits. Win new dealers and customers with unique doors.

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No special panels required

Use your standard panels with the axpanel digital inkjet printing system. White panels are used for all wood designs and most other designs.

Print on most styles like cassette, ribbed, micro-ribbed and flat; and, on all surfaces like woodgrain, stucco or smooth.

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Superior quality & durability

No more warranty claims from PVC folio doors!

The axpanel system does not use any folios. Digital inkjet printing is coated with automobile grade polyurethane lacquer by the axbox spray application system. Lacquer provides superior resistance to corrosion, fading and scratches.

Panel fading from sunlight is only 3 –5% in a 15-year period —proven by independent laboratory tests. Compare to typical fading of approximately 3% per yearfor typical polyester paint door panels.
During a 15-year period, a typical garage door will fade ≈ 35%, depending on sunlight exposure, panel color and paint quality.

Provide customers with a warranty up to 10 years against corrosion, fading and scratches.

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  • FVC Folio garage door
  • Digitally printed door

Print up to


linear meters per shift

More than


design possibilities

Up to


reduction in wood designs inventory

Printing cost from


per linear meter

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