Lacquer information

Panels are sprayed with a protective automobile grade lacquer after printing. Lacquer provides superior resistance to corrosion, fading and scratches. It provides the opportunity to give customers a longer warranty period against fading and corrosion.

After lacquer application, panels are transferred to the drying room and automatically loaded onto racks. Drying time for lacquer is 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending on the type of lacquer, thickness and drying room temperature.

axbox lacquer

  • Digital inkjet printing requires a protective coating for exterior use
  • Polyurethane automobile grade lacuqer is sprayed on the exterior
  • Fully automatic spray application
  • Lacquer has a matt finish
  • The lacquer, after drying is approximately 50 microns thick
  • Lacquer provides superior resistance to fading, corrosion and scratches
  • Possible to offer a longer warranty for corrosion resistance and door appearance
  • After spray application, panels transfer on a conveyor system to the drying room through a transfer hatch for automatic loading onto drying racks

axbox lacquer: additional uses

  • The lacquer box may be used for standard door panels or other building
    materials to make additional income
  • Production rate: up to 1.200 lm per hour
  • Lacquer standard paint finish door panels for improved resistance against to corrosion, fading and scratches. Longer warranties are possible to give to customers.
  • Lacquer the interior side of panels for special industrial door installations:
      • Car washes
      • Any door that requires stainless steel hardware
      • Doors frequently cleaned on the interior, such as food
        processing or chemical factories
  • Lacquer exterior building material panels ("may require"additional equipment or modifications)

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