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axpaint box is unique automated painting system which completely integrates all components for a turn-key solution. A difficult problem for painting equipment customers is system integration — making all the components work together.

axpaint box is the solution for medium to high volume painting of panels.


  • Fully integrated turnkey system for 1-color painting of panels
  • RAL or Pantone colors (both available as an option)
  • Fully automatic system with minimal labor
  • High production rate up to 600 lm per hour
  • Paint thickness: 60 – 70 microns wet and 30 – 35 microns dry
  • Minimal space required compared to typical spray painting enclosures
  • Suitable for painting other flat items similar to door panels

Panel Dimensions

  • Length: 1.500 - 14.000 mm
  • Height: 100 - 700 mm (≤ 2.000 mm optional)
  • Thickness: 10 - 100mm (> 100 mm optional)

Advantages & Benefits

All axpaint box users:

  • Increase sales, profits and market share
  • Offer the full range of RAL and/or Pantone colors
  • Offer all panel styles in all colors — residential and industrial
  • No special worker skills required
  • Minimal labor requirements
  • Low painting cost
  • No minimum order requirements for customers
  • Fast production and drying time
  • Increase sales and income by painting other materials similar to door panels
  • Add the axlacquer box option for spray application of lacquer to increase resistance to corrosion, fading and scratches

Panel Manufacturers

  • Substitute low volume panel manufacturing for a specific color by painting galvanized or white panels
  • Eliminate rarely used color steel coil inventory
  • Reduce costs by painting panels made from coils without paint finish (only galvanization + primer)
  • Use steel coils with incorrect colors — repaint panels at low cost

Door Assemblers

  • Reduce panel inventory for many panel style / color combinations
  • Eliminate panel inventory for rarely used panel style / color combinations

Offer the full range of RAL and/or Pantone colors

System Components

  • axpaint box computer management system
  • Fully enclosed painting enclosure
  • Robotic spray head manipulator
  • Paint mixing unit: 2 components - base and hardener
  • Color mixing unit using 7 – 16 colors yo create RAL or Pantone colors
    (optional – some customers already have a mixing unit)
  • High pressure piston pump system for air supply
  • Ventilation system with intake and exhaust filters
  • Water filtration system
  • Panel conveyors to and from the painting enclosure: length up to 15 m each
  • axlacquer box for spray application of lacquer (optional)
  • Automatic computer controlled panel racking system (optional)
  • Recommended for volume painting
    Note: The axpanel racking system for lacquer drying can be used
  • Drying room (not included)
    Note: The axpanel drying room for lacquer can be used

Production Rates

  • Cleaning time between color changes: ≈ 5 minutes
  • Start-up time: ≈ 5 minutes
  • Shut-down time: ≈ 5 minutes

Garage Doors Example: Every Door a Different Color

  • Average European garage door has a 4.000 mm width with 4 panels
  • Total panel length: 4 m x 4 panels = 16 lm
  • Painting time: 16 lm / 10 lm per minute = 1,6 minutes
  • If every door is a different color, 5 minutes for cleaning between each door
  • Total time for one door: 6,6 minutes
  • Production per hour: 9 doors (144 lm)

Logistics Doors Project Example: 30 Doors All the Same Color

  • Logistic door dimensions: 3.500 x 3.500 mm with 6 panels
  • Total panel length: 3,5 m x 6 = 21 lm
  • Painting time: 21 lm / 10 lm per minute = 2,1 minutes
  • If the logistics doors all have the same color, 5 minutes for cleaning after the 30 door job
  • Total production time: (30 doors x 2,1 minutes) + 5 minutes = 68 minutes
  • Total time for one door: 2,3 minutes
  • Production per hour: 26 doors (546 lm)

Max Painting Production Rates


Per Minute

Per Hour

Per 8-Hour Shift

Panels: 100 – 610 mm

10 lm

600 lm

4.800 lm

Panels: 500 mm

5,00 m2

300 m2

2.400 m2

Panels: 610 mm

6,10 m2

366 m2

2.928 m2


Labor and technical details

Labor Requirement

  • Only one worker is required to operate the axpaint box system:
  • Cleaning the system when changing colors
  • Quality control of inbound panels
  • Overall quality control
  • Depending on the production volume and panel lengths, additional workers may be required for loading and unloading panels (automated handling optional)

Painting and Labor Comments

  • Spray painting panels requires quality work with attention to detail
  • Spray painting is unpleasant, boring and hazardous work
  • Workers must wear protective clothing and respirator masks, which are hot and uncomfortable to wear
  • There are many health hazards from long-term paint exposure
  • Door companies have difficulty keeping painting workers
  • High pay for workers is often not a solution — auto painting jobs typically pay more.
  • The axpaint box system eliminates spray painting labor and requires no special skills

Technical Details

  • Solvent base paint (water base paint optional)
  • Constant fluid flow rate
  • Pulsation free system prevents spray pattern variation
  • Fluid output: up to 2.000 cm3 per minute
  • Unique pump changeover technology ensures consistent meteringand fluid flow rates
  • Mixing accuracy +/- 1% due to the innovative pump changeover technology
  • Continuous mixing auto-adjustment
  • Injectmix technology allows injecting a custom catalyst volume into a continuous flow of base for best mixing quality
  • Automatic component management: base and hardener
  • Low air pressure: max 6 bar
  • Volume of flushing solvent limited to real mixed material


Print up to


linear meters per shift

More than


design possibilities

Up to


reduction in wood designs inventory

Printing cost from


per linear meter

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