Benefits & Advantages

The axpanel system is the first solution world-wide for digital inkjet printing on garage and industrial door panels.

No unprinted white spaces at panel joints like flatbed printing. Prints panels up to 10.500 mm long. Proven for exterior use with superior resistance to corrosion, fading and scratches compared to standard panels. More than 100.000 design possibilities!

1. Increase Sales, Profit & Market Share

  • Win additional garage door customers
  • Digitally printed doors sell for higher prices and higher profit margins than standard doors
  • Custom one-off doors sell for premium prices and have even higher profit margins
  • Attract new dealers with new designs and profit opportunities
  • Win garage door customers from your competitors with new designs

Benefits - Sales

Benefits - Inventory

2. Reduce panel and steel coil inventory

  • Replace wood design panel inventory with only ink and white panels
  • Replace wood design steel coil inventory with only ink and white coils — ask about the axcoil system
  • Print on most panel styles: cassette, ribbed, flat …
  • Print virtual cassette or ribbed styles with wood designs on flat panels
  • Print virtual cassette or ribbed styles on painted flat panels (example: RAL 9010)
  • New virtual styles for only the cost of a new design
  • Print brushed metallic colors on all panel styles — replacing metallic RAL colors

3. No special panels required

  • Most panel styles: cassette, ribbed, flat …
  • All common surfaces: woodgrain, stucco, smooth …
  • All finger-protection joint panels
  • Most traditional joint panels
  • Insulated panels 
  • Non-insulated panels
  • White panels used for all wood designs and most other designs
  • Maximum depth of cassette or ribbed style is 6 mm for best printing results

4. Virtual styles replace physical styles

  • Replace physical styles with virtual styles: cassette, ribbed, micro-ribbed …
  • Virtual styles have 3D effects
  • Virtual cassette and ribbed styles:
  • Create cassettes or ribs in any size, shape or spacing
  • Virtual wood cassette style replicates the look of real wood panels
  • Print cassette or ribbed styles with wood designs on flat panels with woodgrain embossment or smooth finish
  • Add virtual cassettes or ribs to many designs
  • Print virtual cassette or ribbed designs over the paint finish on standard panels (example: RAL 9010)
  • Create new styles, like the Diamond design shown left
  • Create Carriage House designs, complete with virtual hardware
  • See DOOR DESIGNS for more information

5. Fast and easy production

  • The axpanel systems available for slow, medium or fast production
  • Production rates of 60 – 320 linear meters per hour
  • No minimum production runs — every panel and design can be different
  • No extra set-up time for changes in design, panel type, height or length
  • Drying time for lacquer is 30 minutes to 6 hours
  • Printed panels, including drying, are ready for use or shipment in 1 – 7 hours
  • Minimal labor needed with no special skills 
  • Panel manipulation by robots and controllers
  • Fully automated production with almost no labor is possible

6. Quality and performance

  • Provide panel warranties against corrosion, fading and scratches for up to 10 years
  • No folios are used by the axpanel system
  • Digital ink is covered with a protective lacquer coating
  • Automobile grade lacquer is UV resistant — protecting against fading
  • Ink and lacquer will not crack, peel or delaminate like PVC folios 
  • Panel fading from sunlight is only 3 – 5% in a 15-year period — proven by independent laboratory tests
  • Compare to typical fading of ≈ 3% per year for typical polyester paint door panels


7. More than 100.000 design possibilities

  • The axpanel system prints almost any type of design, graphics art, scan or photograph
  • Print custom one-off designs for customers
  • Photo quality printing up to 720 dpi
  • 16.000.000 possible colors with 4-color CMYK inks
  • One design per panel — like current wood design panels
  • Complete door designs accurately printed on all the panels for a door
  • The only limit is your imagination
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More than


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