Metal Designs

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Metal designs with modern and traditional appearance

Complete door design or every panel uses the same design

Create new door styles with 3D effects possible!

  • Many metal patterns available in raster and vector formats
  • Raster + vector graphics can be combined
  • 3D effects possible! See Steel Diamond Plate and Metal Angle graphics
  • Brushed Metal designs have raster graphics background with vector graphic squares and lines
  • Steel Diamond Plate Cassette has raster background with vector cassette overlay

Panel styles:

  • Flat
  • V-ribbed
  • U-ribbed
  • Micro-ribbed

Panel surfaces:

  • Smooth 
  • Stucco

Wood designs:
Wood Designs: HorizontalOffer your customers Horizontal Wood Designs and choose between Exotic and Traditional.Wood Designs: Horizontal BoardsBoards are created from your raster wood designs or developed as new designs.Wood Designs: Vertical BoardsVertical board designs offer a new dimension for sectional doors.Wood Designs: Angled BoardsAngled board designs provide additional possibilities.Wood Designs: SunHorizontal wood design with vector graphics overlay to make sun lines.Wood Designs: Carriage HouseCreate digital Carriage House designs easily.Wood Designs: Virtual Cassettes
Cassette design replicates real wood panels.

Other design variations:
Metal DesignsMany metal patterns available in raster and vector formats.Brick, Stone & Beton DesignsExplore brick, stone and beton design possibilities with digital printing.Geometric DesignsVector and raster designs easily made in many graphics programs!Art & Photograph DesignsUse your favourite graphic program to create a new garage door design!

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